Eligibility & How To Apply for Services


Financial eligibility for our services is based primarily on the number of persons in the applicant’s household, the household’s income and resources, as well as the type of case involved. BRLS does not use a sliding fee scale. If the applicant is eligible, the services are free. If the applicant is “over-income,” then no services can be provided. Because of financial support we receive from the Roanoke Local Office on Aging (LOA), Valley Program for Aging Services (VPAS), and the Shenandoah Area Agency on Aging (SAAA), we are able to assist some senior citizens who might not otherwise qualify for our services.

Unfortunately, limited funding prevents the provision of legal assistance to every low-income resident of our service area who requests assistance in a civil (i.e., non-criminal) matter. Instead, our Board of Directors has adopted a system of case priorities that we utilize to make case acceptance decisions.

How to Apply for Services

To apply for our services, call the office that serves your area during that office’s intake hours. See “Areas Served/Office Locations” and the map of our service area to locate the office that serves your area. If you are unsure which office to call, you may simply call 1-866-534-5243 toll-free, and you will be automatically routed to the legal aid office that serves your area.

Please do not submit legal questions by e-mail. We cannot provide legal advice unless you have been found eligible for our services through our normal intake system.

Until you are formally accepted as a client after going through our intake system, BRLS does not intend to create an attorney-client relationship by receiving e-mail communications, and you should not provide us with any privileged or confidential information if you do e-mail us prior to becoming a client. Please call us to be screened first.